Draw Something Cheat

Draw Something is the exciting new mobile app that combines the brilliance of Charades with the excitement of Pictionary and a touch of Hanging With Friends. Instead of engaging in a head-to-head matchup against your opponent, you actually work as a team. Your objective is to guess the word that your partner draws. If the word is successfully guessed, both players are awarded coins. How many depends on the difficulty of the word.

At the beginning of the game, you are given three words to choose from. Each word has a different level of difficulty. If you successfully guess the easy level word, both players receive 1 coin. Words worth 3 coins are difficult to draw and guess.

As you successfully guess each word, the "turn" increases. The game keeps track of how many successful rounds you and your partner have worked as a team. A secondary goal, besides guessing the word correctly, is to see how many rounds you can get to before either you or your partner misses their word. As with most mobile puzzle apps, Draw Something has a rate of gameplay that is based on your time availability and you can play multiple games with different partners.